Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bobby Brown Back In Jail


CANTON, Massachusetts (AP) -- Singer Bobby Brown was ordered on Monday to remain in a Norfolk County jail until he paid $19,000 in late child support and court fees, his lawyer said.

"We're diligently working on getting those funds available from outside sources," said Phaedra Parks, an attorney in Atlanta where Brown currently lives. Parks doubted Brown would get out of jail before Tuesday morning.

Parks said the rhythm and blues singer has been struggling to meet monthly payments to Kim Ward, of Stoughton, the mother of two of his children.

"Although this agreement was put in place when he was Bobby Brown the star, this agreement is being enforced when he is not always able to find work," Parks told The Associated Press. "He hasn't made an album in quite some years."

A judge in Norfolk Probate and Family Court ordered Brown held in the county jail in Dedham on Monday, one day after private constables arrested the singer while he was watching his daughter's cheerleading competition at Attleboro High School.

Authorities said Brown was served with an arrest warrant for failing to appear at a child support hearing in October.

I tell ya, if it's not one thing it's the next with Bobby. If I were him I'd clean myself up and tour with New Edition just to keep up with the bills, esp. with Whitney filing for divorce and all.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fliptrack: Proving The Soundtrack To Your Life!

Nowadays, music videos are proving to be the latest and hottest dimension for web users. Then too, making your own video has also become immensely popular what with camcorders becoming so affordable these days and more and more people wanting to savor their precious moments (especially the ones on the dancefloor). However, finding a quality web service for your music videos is a lot harder than you'd think.

And that's where Fliptrack comes in.

What makes Fliptrack so great is that it will literally provide a soundtrack to your life, with the user being in total control. Videos need context and with Fliptrack you can turn your videos into a digital slide show by linking them to the lyrics and beats of your favorite songs.

Using Fliptrack Setup Tools you can also make a scrapbook or put out a Holiday greeting, either service making your images that are more relevant to your friends as they get to share your experience with you. And with Fliptrack's huge library of pre-licensed songs, even perfect strangers can get to browse and experience the soundtrack that is your life as you can put your video anywhere you want to on the web!

Are Terrence Howard & Naomi Campbell Really Dating?

This past Thursday British artist Damien Hirst had his opening at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills. Art lovers who were present at the exhibit included Courtney Love, Kirsten Dunst and Petra Nemcova. Naomi Campbell and Terrence Howard – who are rumored to be dating – were also among those in attendance. I’ve always considered Naomi to be one of the most beautiful black women alive, but something is looking really off in this picture…Maybe it’s just the angle. But hey man, even if it is just a rumor I think they make a cute couple together.
Unbelievable for the simple fact that I didn't think Naomi was into Black dudes. Go Terrence!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kevin Federline Wants His Kids


As Britney Spears was checking out of rehab for the second time in a week Wednesday, her estranged husband was making plans to go to court amid a custody dispute over their two children. Kevin Federline and his lawyer were scheduled to appear at a downtown courthouse Thursday for an emergency hearing, Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini told The Associated Press. It was not known what issue Federline planned to raise.

Federline and Spears have two sons, 5-month-old Jayden James and 17-month-old Sean Preston.

"Our best information is he will be here; she won't," said Parachini. "But anything is possible."

Federline filed papers seeking spousal support and sole custody of the children after Spears sought to end their two-year marriage last November. A temporary court order issued Feb. 1 granted the couple joint custody until the end of this month.

Parachini said Federline's lawyer would try to persuade a Superior Court commissioner that the matter is urgent enough to be handled on an expedited basis.

The move comes amid increasingly bizarre behavior by Spears, which culminated with her reportedly checking into and out of two rehab centers last week and shaving her head bald on Friday.
Hey, even if you don't like the guy, witt the way Britney's been acting and partying you can't blame him for getting his kids away from her.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Death Threats For Heather McCartney

LONDON, England (AP):

Heather Mills McCartney visited a police station near her home in Hove on Wednesday to discuss unspecified issues, Sussex Police said.

A spokesman for the 38-year-old former model said Mills McCartney had received death threats since her split last year from ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, 64.

Sussex Police said Mills McCartney spoke to detectives at a station near her home in Hove, 50 miles south of London, by appointment.

"It was a preplanned meeting for her to discuss a number of issues," a spokeswoman for the force said on customary police condition of anonymity. "The meeting did not relate to anything specific and she was not arrested."

Mills McCartney has complained of being harassed and vilified by the media. Her spokesman, Phil Hall, said she had received death threats.

Paul was an idiot for marrying this golddigger in the first place, especially with her past in porno. His fans shouldn't be taking out their wrath on her so much as they should take it out on him because the whole union was just dumb.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Judge Releases Anna Nicole Smith's Body

A judge has released Anna Nicole Smith's body, allowing the former Playboy playmate's family to arrange her funeral.

Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider said that a Florida medical examiner had obtained sufficient DNA from the body for a legal battle to establish who is the father of her daughter Dannielynn. Her lawyer Ronald Rale said: "There was no need to in any way delay this process. We want to have a
proper burial."

The murky question of who is Dannielynn's father has been clouded further by reports that she may have been conceived with frozen sperm from late billionaire husband J Howard Marshall, Anna Nicole's second husband.

Wish they'd just hurry up and tell us who Dannielynn's dad really is so we can finally be done with this the trainwreck that was Anna Nicole's life.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Just when you thought
that Eddie Murphy's "Norbit" was going to tank at the box office:
Eddie Murphy's latest comic creation, the forbidding big mama Rasputia, faced off against the young Hannibal Lecter at the North American boxoffice this past weekend and easily squashed the young serial killer.

"Norbit," a comedy directed by Brian Robbins in which Murphy, with lots of latex and costuming, plays three roles, grabbed $34.2 million as it set up shop in 3,136 theaters and collected a resounding $10,904 per theater. The PG-13-rated movie, a DreamWorks production released by Paramount Pictures, was Murphy"s 14th No. 1 opener and his second-biggest opening ever for a live-action film. Setting aside the "Shrek" animated movies, in which he voices the character of Donkey, Murphy's best live-action opening remains 2000's "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps," which bowed to $42.5 million. "Norbit" was still several notches above Murphy's last comic outing, 2003's "The Haunted Mansion," which debuted to $24.3 million.

While "Norbit" belongs in a different movie universe than the current musical "Dreamgirls," for which Murphy earned the respect of his peers in the form of an Academy Award nomination, it still appealed to many of his fans. Moviegoers surveyed by CinemaScore awarded the film an overall grade of B, with moviegoers under 18, which made up 28% of the sampling, the most enthusiastic as they graded it B+.
Wow! An amazing $34.2 million to score the top spot. Goes to prove that fat suits equal box office gold. Big Momma’s House 1 and 2, Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion and The Nutty Professor all opened above $20 million.

So all you gotta do is put on a fat suit and you’ll be guaranteed a winner!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Smokey Robinson Slams "Dreamgirls"!

From ImediNews:

LOS ANGELES (UPI) — Dreamgirls creators owe an apology to Motown Records, Berry Gordy and Diana Ross for a movie of false information, Motown icon Smokey Robinson said.

Robinson, front man for Smokey Bill Robinson and the Miracles, said the producers depicted Motown Records founder Berry Gordy and the Supremes' Diana Ross with a lot of false information and negativity, Access Hollywood said.

Robinson said the producers owe Berry Gordy a public apology ... rapidly.

It is like an insult to our intellect and our intelligence and our integrity and our leader and our love for each other and our legacy, Robinson said during a recent interview on the syndicated show.

He said he was particularly bothered by Jamie Foxx's character, Curtis Taylor Jr., which Foxx said was based on several record executives he knows, not Gordy.

Gordy not only created his dream, Robinson said, but allowed a lot of other dreams to come true and he did it with integrity.

I liked the movie and Jennifer Hudson deserves an Oscar, but what's up with Beyonce just having to get her own song?

Friday, February 2, 2007

Paris Hilton Uses The N-Word . . . Again

In a video posted Thursday to YouTube.com, Paris Hilton apparently says she and her sister Nicky Hilton "are like two [N-word]" while they are dancing to Biggie Smalls' hip-hop song "Hypnotize."

In addition to the racial epithet, Hilton also appears to use a homophobic slur in the video, which is attributed to

The hotel heiress has been accused in the past of using racial slurs, but has denied being a racist.

There is no indication of when or where the footage was taken, but it appears to be old.

By Friday, the video had been removed from YouTube because of a "terms of use violation."

Can somebody, anybody just shoot this bitch already? And while they're at it, put one in those skanks Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie too. Speaking of Nicole, considering that she has a Black father and that this isn't the first time Paris' been exposed as a racist, one would have to think that she's even more of an idiot for continuing to hang out with the likes of an ignorant whore like Paris.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Brandy Faces $50 Million Lawsuit

Gulf Daily News:

LOS ANGELES: Singer-actress BRANDY was sued for $50 million (BD19m) yesterday by the family of a woman killed in a four-car freeway crash which police have blamed on the 27-year-old performer.

The wrongful death lawsuit by the parents of AWATEF ABOUDIHAJ, 38, was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court a day after police recommended that prosecutors charge Brandy with a misdemeanor count of vehicular manslaughter.

The California Highway Patrol found that the entertainer, whose full name is Brandy Norwood, was at fault in the December 30 accident for failing to prevent her Land Rover from hitting the car in front of her when traffic suddenly slowed, CHP spokesman Leland Tang said.

Aboudihaj was killed when her vehicle slammed into a third car, careened into the freeway's centre divider and was hit broad-side by a fourth automobile.

The lawsuit, filed as a three-page form complaint, says her death was caused by "reckless driving" by Brandy. It seeks $50m in compensatory and punitive damages.