Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

Serius Jones vs. Moonface Classic Fight Club Battle!

That kid Moonface definitely gave Serius a run for the cheddar.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Somebody Tried To Poison Deelishis!

Personally, I don't blame anyone for trying to poison this ho, who apparently just left her fiancee so she can go back to showing her ass crack. "We as women have to set an example..." Yeah, whatever you say idiot.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fergie Disses Shanice!
Miss Black Eyed Pea got peed off after being upstaged at a recent celebrity golf tournament thrown by Michael Jordan in the Bahamas. During one of Fergie's numbers, the pop star proceeded to pass the mic around to different celebrities in the audience. Eventually, the singer approached Actor/Comedian Flex Alexander (Snakes on a Plane/ UPN's One on One) who, by the way, was one of the players in the tournament and is one of the top 10 celebrity golfers (

Conceding that he is not the best of singers, Flex suggested that Fergie hand the mic to his wife, Pop/R&B sensation, Shanice. WHAT'D HE DO THAT FOR, because all hell broke loose when Fergie obliged, much to her chagrin. Shanice, although put on the spot in her shyness, proceeded to give a modest sampling of what she can do with a mic, which brought the audience to their feet, giving the star a standing ovation, which subsequently vexed Fergie into a fit of rage to the point of snatching the mic out of the bashful diva's hand. Fergie then proceeded to take out a few dollars and stuff it down Shanice's bra, in a pathetic attempt to further discredit the lady.
Not yet satisfied with the level of her outburst, the trollop then asked Shanice what her name was, well aware that she grew up with Shanice while they worked together on the '80s tv show, Kids Incorporated, and has obviously run into her at random entertainment events that they were both in attendance for. After Shanice answered with perplexity, Fergie continued the vendetta by repeating Shanice's name to the a-listed audience, but pronouncing her name wrong.

After the show, everybody enthusiastically ran up to Shanice, telling her that she killed it; raving about how she "sang her behind off." Many people stated that they wished Fergie had let Shanice keep the mic because, in their words, Fergie sucked and Shanice was fantastic. Several people stated that they were angered at the way Fergie disrespected Shanice and vowed to never support Fergie again.
No offense to Shanice, but the best thing that can come out of this news is the Black-Eyed Peas next album going wood.

50 Cent Takes Rick Ross' Babymama Shopping

This video is hilarious, but calling Mr. Officer mom's one of the Klumps was unnecessary.
I mean, damn homie.

Vivica A. Fox Can Be Your New Psychic Friend!

Damn Vivica, its come to this?!? Maybe Jada Pinkett can pull some strings, bring Vivica's character back from the dead and get somebody to do a "Set It Off 2" real quick or something, poor girl obviously needs some help.